Monday, December 10, 2012

Some South Carolina Lichens

This year I co-authored a paper on the findings of the 19th Tuckerman Lichen Workshop, which took place in 2010 near August, Georgia. While sites in both Georgia and South Carolina were visited, the paper focused on the collections from South Carolina, since that state is more neglected lichenologically. Here's the abstract, which gives more of the exciting details:

"The Tuckerman Lichen Workshop is an annual event where professional and amateur lichenologists convene to practice their skills in lichen identification while exploring the lichen diversity of an area in eastern North America. The 19th workshop in this series was held in the Augusta-Aiken area of Georgia and South Carolina from 11-15 March 2010. While we visited sites on both sides of the state line, this report presents checklists from three sites visited in South Carolina. Habitats visited represent the Piedmont and Southeastern Plains ecoregions and contain forested and rocky habitats, including granitic outcrops and bluffs, mesic and bluff forest, and sandhill oak-pine forest. We found a combined diversity of 255 taxa with 93, 125 and 148 taxa per site. Site lichen biotas were found to have low diversity similarities with Jaccard results each = 0.25, and were found to differ in terms of habit (growth form) and substrate. Noteworthy finds include three recently described species: Caloplaca yuchiorum, Lepraria hodkinsoniana, and Ramboldia blochiana. Also newly reported for South Carolina are Graphis oxyclada and G. pinicola, both recently reported as new to North America."



Perlmutter, G. B., J. C. Lendemer, J. C. Guccion, R. C. Harris, B. P. Hodkinson, W. P. Kubilius, E. Lay, and H. P. Schaefer. 2012. A provisional survey of lichen diversity in south-central South Carolina, U.S.A., from the 19th Tuckerman Lichen Workshop. Opuscula Philolichenum 11: 104-119.
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