Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mole Day

This year I am teaching several sections of High School Chemistry, and this past week we had celebrations for Mole Day!  Here's a rundown of some of the snacks and activities.

Moles May Attend:
Make A Mole - For extra credit students can make stuffed animal moles from a pattern (just Google it). It's great to have some homemade moles in attendance at the party!

Guacamole - Trader Joe's has a guacamole dip called "Avocado's Number" that actually has a picture of Amadeo Avogadro on it, which is a great prop. I also decided to make fresh guacamole for the students, which provided everyone with a bit of a show.
Molasses cookies - OK, so the only real connection here is that 'mol' is in the word, but who doesn't like cookies?!

Rock Me Amadeo - The song 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco has an awesome video that highlights the time-period in Europe when Amadeo Avogadro was alive (which overlaps with the time period when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was alive, which is the reason that the video is set in this time period). Students can sing 'Amadeo' instead of 'Amadeus' on the chorus and you've got a catchy theme song for Mole Day!

Game Show:
More Than, Less Than, or Equal to a Mole - You can take objects that are basically made of one type of compound and ask students if they are more than a mole, less than a mole, or equal to a mole. Students can be split into two teams, and pairs (with one from each team) can stand on either side of a bell and compete to ring in first. If the first to answer is incorrect, the other person gets a chance to guess. I have to give credit to Mrs. Swieson (also of Delaware County Christian School) for coming up with this one!

Most of all, we just partied and had a great time hanging out as a class!