Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Open Fracture Microbiome

I recently co-authored a paper with a team of dermatologists (those who study skin) and orthopaedists (those who study bone) in which we present the results of microbiome analyses on open fracture wounds. These are the types of wounds where bones actually break through the surface of the skin. We found that the wound-associated microbial communities change over time, becoming significantly more similar to the adjacent skin communities as healing progresses. There are also a number of bacterial groups and aspects of the microbiome that tend to be associated different clinical factors. Please have a look at the publication at the links below!

- Brendan



Hannigan, G. D., B. P. Hodkinson, K. McGinnis, A. S. Tyldsley, J. B. Anari, A. D. Horan, E. A. Grice, and S. Mehta. 2014. Culture-independent pilot study of microbiota colonizing open fractures and association with severity, mechanism, location, and complication from presentation to early outpatient follow-up. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 32(4): 597-605.
Download publication (PDF file)
Download supplemental methods (PDF file)
Download sample metadata (QIIME mapping file)
Download OTU table (bzip2-compressed BIOM file)
Download OTU representative sequences (bzip2-compressed FASTA file)


[This work was funded in part by NIAMS/NIH R00 AR060873.]