Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clearwater Valley

A call-to-action has come out over the lichens-l listserve and I thought it would be good to highlight it here:

"Dear lichenologists

A local forestry company is gearing up to log a critical portion of the Clearwater Valley near Wells Gray Park.

Because this valley supports one of the world's richest macro- and mesolichen floras - more than 430 species recorded so far - I'm asking the lichenological community will help us put a stop to this.

There are three ways you can help:

(1) Link to the following website:
Doing this will make clear to the B.C. government that this is more than a local issue.

(2) Share this link with your Facebook friends, with a request that they pass it along.

(3) Write a letter of support. If you've ever visited the Clearwater Valley and would like to help us out in this time of crisis, please drop me a line ( and I'll send you the details.

Many thanks to all

Trevor Goward"

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