Monday, November 29, 2010

Lichens in the Media

Recently, National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed James Lendemer of the New York Botanical Garden for a portion of the "Science Friday" program about lichens. The primary product that resulted from this interview was a video that they posted on their website:
My favorite part of the video occurs when they show James hiking through the forest hunting for lichens and there is a voice-over of James saying "I think of myself as a bounty hunter." On the weekly national broadcast they did a five-minute piece in which they briefly discussed lichens and heavily referenced the above video. Online there is a transcript and a link to an mp3 of the broadcast. There are also some lichen photos that viewers/listeners sent in to NPR after hearing the program:

Lepraria hodkinsoniana (photo taken by an NPR listener)

It's great to see a piece like this promoting lichenology in the media!


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  1. I especially love how James gets distracted by a katydid in midsentence --how like a field biologist! Its great to see quality report on lichens that shares some of the excitment of looking for them.