Friday, July 9, 2010

Lichens of Nome, Alaska

Lichens of Alaska, Part III: Nome

Pannaria pezizoides surrounded by Stereocaulon sp.

Candelariella aurella with Lecanora sp. and unknown Collemataceae.

Bryocaulon divergens with Alectoria ochroleuca  and Cladonia spp.

Lichen-covered igloo mounds on the tundra.

Ochrolechia upsaliensis with Flavocetraria spp. and Cladonia sp.

Xanthoria-covered rocks overhanging clear waters.

Thanks for all the interest in my photos.  A nice field photo accompanied by a good specimen can have great scientific and educational value, so I encourage everyone to snap and collect (with permission, of course)!

[Funding provided by NSF Award DEB-0640956.]

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