Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Lichens

Dr. Robert Lücking (Field Museum, Chicago) recently asked lichenologists to send in a list of their top 5-20 favorite lichen species.  Along with Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch (also of the Field Museum) and others, he plans to assemble a list of 100 lichens, and eventually each will be featured on a website with its own page full of photos and information about the species.  Feel free to peruse my current top 20 lichens; each name has a link to a photograph of the species.

Arthonia caesia
Brigantiaea leucoxantha
Calicium trabinellum
Chaenotheca furfuracea
Cladonia bellidiflora
Conotrema urceolatum
Dibaeis baeomyces
Glyphis cicatricosa
Gyalideopsis buckii
Herpothallon rubrocinctum
Masonhalea richardsonii
Niebla cephalota
Ochrolechia oregonensis
Pilophorus clavatus
Placopsis lambii
Solorina crocea
Sphaerophorus globosus
Stereocaulon ramulosum
Umbilicaria cylindrica
Usnea longissima

I look forward to seeing how this project evolves!  It will be a great way to reach out to those outside of the field of lichenology and demonstrate the beauty and diversity of lichen-forming fungi!

- Brendan

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